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What it Means to Buy Certified

They may look alike, but appearances are deceiving.

Porsche Factory Certified pre-owned vs. Independent Auto Dealers

A "Deal" is not always the deal it seems to be at first.....Appearances are deceiving.

Just because a Porsche vehicle you are looking at elsewhere is visually the same does not mean it is the same. Take a look at the example vehicle below. We are assuming typical services needed based on time and/or mileage while using average estimates. Even if you chose not to purchase an aftermarket warranty the value offered from a certified pre-owned Porsche is undeniable. These examples hold true throughout our inventory when compared to similar vehicles online. Ask yourself, if the vehicle you are considering elsewhere is so nice why didn’t a Porsche dealer buy it? 

Search our Certified Pre-Owned Inventory online or give us a call at (585) 334-1600 to schedule your test drive!